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Friday, October 27, 2006

In God We Trust

When you are in a friendship, relationship, or situations where you completely trust the person or what is happening around you, you get a deep sense of satisfaction, fulfilment and ease, you feel relaxed in the presence of people you ultimately trust.

It is as if you are letting go of what you think, feel, or know should happen and expecting the best from the person and knowing that life will simply flow.

Many people have found trust difficult to learn and experience when situations and people in the past let them down and basically broken rules they held about the world. This may have contributed towards deflating the heart and squeezing trust out with it.

We naturally guard the heart from experiences of events and even relationships with others that may seem slightly risky or unusual. This can prevent us from having valuable opportunities of love.

Trust, like truth, is an attribute of love, and can flow either from love or towards it.

This connection to love is the same as being connected to God. Therefore, the bliss people feel when together in a relationship founded on trust is one where the spirit of love is at the centre.

When we allow the heart to flow with trust our Love is authentic, unrestrained, and free.

Trust requires us to have a connection with our own inner wisdom inspired by God’s spirit.

If this connection is not there then the mind will automatically do the job of the heart.

It will look to the five senses to check if the situation follows the rules it has learnt. Because the mind relies on the five senses to make its decisions and understandings, that can block the passage to the heart and prevent trust, spirituality, and love becoming the centre of our lives.

Those qualities are not developed or grown from intellect and logic—they are our mechanisms for physical world interpretations—it is really born in our willingness to trust the love in our hearts, which is God’s Love.

Without this trust, it is impossible to design, create, or manifest your divine destiny.

Trust is like a bridge that ultimately links up with all the possibilities of God’s spirit.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Ego & Why Do We Have One?


Your ego is the one thing standing inbetween you and your divine destiny!

For years now, your ego has fed upon nourishing experiences. Most things in the material world encourage us to have a strong connection with our ego – clothes, society, magazines, television, news, advertisements, politics, and our daily interactions with others often centre on egotistic endeavours.

The ego is the part of us that helps us to be individual and separate.

Our life experiences are our conditioning – and that affects our beliefs, and beliefs have a huge impact on our perception and our behaviours.

Disempowering limiting beliefs do us no favours whatsoever and deep down we all know it!

We have all felt that we need to put our opinions across strongly and well! We may have upset the opposite party or person, but that does not matter our ego tells us. “Well done!”, it says, “You defended your position well, you are right”. You patch up your feelings and move on.

Living with your spirit—your intuition—your highest self will not please your ego one iota. Make no mistake, it will not simply step aside in the face of guidance from the Spirit. It may probably fight back even stronger so hold on to your hats!

The realisation of God within you, and that the spirit reunites you to the source of infinite love is the first step awakening yourself to your highest most powerful self and shoving away your ego.

A short journey to your divine self

a short journey to your divine selfI'd like to invite you on a short journey to your divine self. You have probably heard the term “divine destiny” before, but what exactly does it mean? I propose that divine destiny is being so close to God that you recognise the parts of you that are the essence of God; and in that understanding you feel inspired and totally immersed in the Holy Spirit.

The word “inspired” originates from the Latin inspiratus, which means: “to be in the spirit”.

As you are reading this blog then I can safely presume that you are searching for your divine destiny in life and that in the past you have found yourself on that path. Maybe one time a challenge may have come your way and you managed to accomplish it effortlessly and enjoyably and friends may have said “how did you do that?” and you’re not quite sure, so you just say and think “well, I must have been inspired”.

The good news is that you can feel like this all the time when connected to the source of Love.

It’s like unplugging from the mundane world of materialism and scarcity and plugging into God’s spirit which is the world of life, love, and truth and you will simply find things start to go your way often in the most unexpected ways.

All this stuff already seems too good to be true I know! I want to suggest that you follow that twinkle in your heart followed the excitement of the nerves. Call it what you will, because you are now about to find your true purpose in life. And it’s “all good” as my friends used to say, growing up. I’m telling you these spiritual principles are all good!

You may wonder how I can say this with such conviction and certainty. Well it is because these principles have been around since the beginning of time, and they are all tried and tested by many and bring true life abundance - only up until recent times they have remained hidden from us, by who you may ask?

The answer to that is ourselves as you take this short journey to your divine self!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Easy Formula for Spiritual Growth

grape vine

The formula for spiritual growth can be seen easily in nature. A tiny grape seed for example contains enormous potential for transforming, growing, and creating a vast vineyard using only the perfect amounts of natural resources – light and darkness, water and earth. One seed can produce the sweetest tasting and smelling nourishing fruit. However, what if we reversed the process and crushed down the seed? Would it grow and develop then?

In a similar way, your physical body is constantly changing. You are on a constant cycle. That is just part of life!

If you take a look at the grape seed under the most powerful particle microscope, at a sub-atomic level, you would not find a blueprint for a Vineyard or instructions for growth. You would find mysterious waves of energy coming and going.

At last, quantum scientists are beginning to agree that everything that exists is made of the essence of God! Isn’t that a bit weird?

Well, there has to be a natural creator somewhere to enable the energy in the seed to manifest into a whole plant, then ultimately a vineyard. You can call that energy God—the source—the holy spirit – the higher power. Naturally, the seed fulfils its potential because the source naturally provides. We are like this in many ways too.

You must know that you are not separate at all from God or the potential of Love. Just like the grape seed needs its perfect balance of natural resources, we too need our natural connection to source, the oneness to reach our full potential. It’s about bridging the gap between the unseen world of spirit and the seen world of the seemingly physical material.

Think of it too like water. If water stays still it becomes stagnant. If it flows then it stays fresh. Our connection to the spirit allows our energy to flow and we feel fresh and alive every moment.
Conditions such as depression and illness stem from stagnating energy on the spiritual level. On the physical level they manifest as things that seem real to us. However, if we reconnect to the spirit and allow the energy to flow, those conditions simply disappear!

Each and every day you live your life in the physical form and also in the spiritual kingdom. You choose whether to accept the guidance from your spirit or not. You are a co-creator of your own divine destiny and have access to the Holy Spirit in unlimited amounts. This is the outline of the most simple formula for spiritual growth.